Sue Marsdon

Repair of cane, rush and seagrass seats


A close up picture of criss-crossed caning
on a dining room style chair.

Price for Cane Seats

A small bedroom-sized cane chair would cost approximately £90. An average-sized dining chair would cost approximately £110.

A close up image of English rush work.

Price for Rush Seats

Rushing costs 60p per square inch. An average dining room sized rush chair costs approximately £130.

This photograph shows a seagrass seat
woven by Sue on a small square stool.

Price for Seagrass Seats

Seagrass and fibre rush costs 40p per square inch.

A picture of four woven panels for a set
of Bauhaus style chairs.

Price for Prewoven Habitat/Bauhaus style Seats

Prewoven Habitat/Bauhaus style seats cost £50 per chair.

This photograph is a close up of a woven
Danish cord seat.

Price for Danish Cord Seats

Danish Cord seats cost £105 each.

Additional Costs

Any necessary repair work or polishing will incur extra charges.