Sue Marsdon

Repair of cane, rush and seagrass seats


A close up picture of criss-crossed caning
on a dining room style chair.

Price for Cane Seats

Chairs with up to 100 holes are charged at £1.25 a hole. Chairs with up to 150 holes are charged at £1.40 a hole without beading, £1.50 with.
As an indication, a small bedroom-sized chair would cost approximately £125. An average-sized dining chair would cost approximately £170.
For chairs with over 150 holes in the frame, charging is calculated in a different way to account for the number of crossings, which increases significantly with each additional hole.
Chairs with curved frames (usually backs), blind holes or circular seats are priced individually.

A close up image of English rush work.

Price for Rush Seats

I either use the best quality German or locally sourced rush. Rushing costs 80p per square inch. An average dining room sized rush chair costs approximately £180.

This photograph shows a seagrass seat
woven by Sue on a small square stool.

Price for Seagrass Seats

Seagrass seats are priced at 50p per square inch.

A picture of four woven panels for a set
of Bauhaus style chairs.

Price for Prewoven Habitat/Bauhaus style Seats

Prewoven Habitat/Bauhaus style seats cost £70 per chair.

This photograph is a close up of a woven
Danish cord seat.

Price for Danish Cord Seats

Danish Cord seats cost £140 each.

Additional Costs

Any necessary repair work or polishing will incur extra charges.
The chair does need to be sound, as new seating adds a tremendous strain to the frame.